Mynolia is the heart project of Maja Kala, a singer, guitarist and songwriter raised in Canada and New Zealand, and based in Berlin.


She started making music when she acquired her first guitar at age 13, quickly using it as a vessel for the songs that were already pouring out. While being inspired by contemporary artists like Jose Gonzales, Feist and Radiohead, she always felt drawn to music from around the world, Bulgarian choirs, traditional Armenian flute music and 60s & 70s Bollywood.


Her sonic direction might be best described as dark dream folk, a vulnerable landscape, a unique musical handwriting, delivered simultaneously with ease and emotional depth. Striking and intricate vocal melodies delivering complex, dream-like themes, a deep calm and weightlessness.

An innovative folk siren, a young voice with a melancholic maturity.

After more than a decade of honing her musical skills, diving head first into the depths of song crafting, playing in numerous bands and duos and performing across North America and Europe, she’s ready to unveil her new body of work.
Having now arranged a full set with a backing band, and recorded 3 songs at Funkhaus in Berlin, she released a group of 3 singles titled 'Train of Thought'  'White Nose' and 'Stall Stickers' which will be followed by a debut EP in the coming year.